Friday, February 15, 2008

Cherry Blossom Special...

We ran in today and 'fluffed' the retreat space at Faded Elegance Antique Boutique... not a big change, just a spiff-up until next month! It's still pretty in pink, and a celebration of spring. Pink cherry blossoms on the tree branches, scattered pink petals, and vintage paper lanterns set the tone...

Lots of pink flowers, pink ribbons, and feminine accents abound. Fabric with a pink cherry blossom print drapes the table.

These sweet songbird cards and some other vintage stationery all have cherry blossoms on them, as do a few pieces of china. You can see one darling little cherry blossom cup with a pink paper parasol in it here... are more cards and a lidded coffee mug with more cherry blossoms & a bird. (I'd use this to hold stamps or paper clips on a desk, or rings by the sink, or maybe packets of sweet n' low by the coffeepot!)

The fun fake cakes are still here, with vintage silk millinery blossoms, some old pink metal flower hooks (SO cute for hanging tab-top panels of pink or white sheer fabric in a window, or hook it over your door to hold your purse...or on a mirror to hold jewelry!), two sizes of embellished bottles, and white glass plates with pink ribbon threaded thru the 'lacy' edge.

I have to share that it is really gratifying to be a part of Faded Elegance...there are SO many wonderful, warm, friendly women who also have spaces in this boutique, and everytime I meet someone new I am just charmed by them! I had a chance to chat with several gals today, and ladies, you just touched my hearts. Thank you so much for your kind words!

We are already working on the designs for March...we are going for a massive change of mood in our space, and are really excited about the new stuff we'll bring in next month! We are also thrilled to be able to offer you brand new copies of Victoria magazine every other month, beginning with the March/April issue which should be arriving soon. Lots happening with retreat - stay tuned!!!

A special offer just for blog readers: Print this post and present it at Faded Elegance for a ten percent discount off of any purchase from our space (#22) through February 29, 2008!